A.K.A. Mommy’s Little Angel A.K.A. Boobacat A.K.A. Ms. Reese Hi and welcome! I’d like to introduce myself.  My name is Chereese.   Everyone calls me Reese (pronounced just like the candy) and I believe that I am just as sweet.  I have two beautiful kids (as you can see on the side) and have been blessed tremendously by them.  We currently live in Texas and we love it.  I moved here from Ohio looking for a better quality of life.  I believe I’ve found it.  I love Texas.  The weather here is way better than the almost non existent sunny days of Ohio.  I will say that the traffic here is horrible!  These people are speed demons.  Even the commercial truck drivers speed.   Now that my kids are older, I want to do the things that I want to do and not so much the things that I have to do.  The second half of my life should be filled with freedom, excitement, and leisure.  My outlook for my future is a bright one and I am more than willing to share it with you. I started a blog called “The Minority Review” and in it, I will review a variety of things, places, and people.  I also am doing informative articles and a series about jobs that are kind of unique.  I call the series “New and Emerging”.  These jobs will have descriptions of what they are and where you can train to learn them.  I’m hoping that this will empower all people but especially women.  You can compare what you know about a job to the article to see if you may want to do that job.  These particular job opportunities have a very bright outlook.  So if you are looking for a unique career, you may find a description of what you like in the minority review.  While I was researching careers for the “New and Emerging” series, a thought came to me; “What about the person who might not be able to drop everything and go to college?”  I believe that there are a lot of people like myself who only have a high school diploma but have bills, a family, and need money now.  I also realized that the more typical a job is, the more competition it has.  It doesn’t matter how much experience or education you may have, the more common jobs are getting harder to get especially in this day and age.  The only reason I got a second job as a cashier was because I knew someone who was a cashier.  But what about the kind of jobs you may not have heard of?  Like bridge and lock tenders or fallers?  Your not-so-common jobs may have less competition therefore giving you a better chance at acquiring one.  That inspired me to do a “Here and Now” job series.  This will be dedicated to jobs that requires the minimum education and skills.  Jobs that you may not have thought of or even heard of.  Jobs that may broaden your thinking and experience.  Check out the series and let me know what you think.